Why balls? The idea came many years ago while making mamma’s meatballs on a rainy afternoon back in Italy.

I thought how cool – you can mix together such a variety of ingredients that could produce an infinite choice of colorful round shaped little balls of deliciousness!

Thw idea rolled in my mind for years. Then I saw the first restaurant serving only meatballs in my hometown of Milan, and then a few more started popping up around the world and I realised my idea was not as far-fetched as it had first felt.

Why not balls?
Why not here in Bali?

And so began project OTTO. With the strong belief that everyone should be able to enjoy their favorite ball, no matter whether they were vegan, vegetarian, meatlover or chocaholic.

We have made every effort to cater to as many palettes as possible. OTTO, which means ‘eight’ in Italian embodies the idea of infinite possibilities.

Our menu is inspired by tastes, colors and food traditions from all over the world. The ingredients are fresh and healthy and we want to encourage everyone to feel welcome and share in the joy of great balls.

In traditional Indonesian style, OTTO presents a display window where you can compose a mix of your favourite balls, sides, and sauces and upstairs seating to kick back with friends and enjoy!

Come try for yourself – Jalan Drupadi 1, Seminyak, Bali – map here